Camp People

Camp Cook – Lynette Woida

Unquestionably someone to be nice to, in the hope she will give you seconds at dinner. Lynette is one of the founders of Qajaq Camp and has embraced the task of organizing the food and cooking many of the meals for camp. Lynette has numerous beautiful home built kayaks, but she can usually be spotted practicing in her Skin on Frame.

Assistant cooks:

Joan Kline

Joan can roll, she can cook, she can even style your hair, and she does it all with a relaxed smile. Joan has been a stalwart of Camp helping Lynette prepare the food in advance and keeping us all fat and happy.

Brock Obee

Anyone that can build, paddle and roll such a beautiful Black Perl as Brock has got to be awesome, the food he prepares is awesome too. Look for him afloat in his all black kayak with a skull and crossbones, you wont miss him easily.

Mistress of Evening Ceremonies – Renee DuFresne

Every evening at camp we try to educate, inspire and enjoy ourselves in culturally aligned ways. Renee has a wealth of knowledge of the traditions and culture of the Greenland Inuit and she puts it to use each night organizing our activities. Renee is a Director of Qajaq USA. Renee is also one of our great mentors, you can read all about her incredible skills afloat below.


Christopher Crowhurst

A founder of Qajaq Camp, Christopher is as passionate about rolling as he is about helping others learn to roll. If you need help with your first roll of your fifteenth he will jump right in and assist. Christopher is the President of Qajaq USA and obsessed with the traditions and culture of the Inuit and hopes to continue to pass on their skills through events like Qajaq Camp.

Cindy Petersen

Cindy is a very graceful roller, her hand roll is unquestionably her best roll, she proves the adage that the paddle just gets in the way. Cindy loves being in the water helping to share her skills, she especially likes to teach lay back rolls to beginners.

Mike Woida

Mike is a founder of Qajaq Camp, he has worked hard the past few years developing his rolling repertoire to the point where he is comfortable sharing his knowledge in the true style of the Inuit. Mike is usually spotted rolling a beautiful strip build Black Perl which he custom made for himself.

Pete Kuhn

Pete is an ACA L4 Instructor and local paddle guide. Pete’s relaxed teaching style has endeared him to many past Camper’s. Pete loves to run diverse sessions, covering anything from the forward stroke to how to bomb proof your roll.

Peter Strand

Peter hails from Wisconsin where he taught himself to roll in the local lakes and rivers, Peter excels at getting you to understand the mechanics of the roll. We are very pleased to have him back as a mentor this year.

Renee DuFresne

If she cant do the roll she sure knows how to teach it. There really are very few rolls she cant do, especially in the custom built Shrike rolling kayak she completed last year. Renee loves to teach beginners their first roll, but she is equally competent mentoring the more advanced rolls.

Sipke Deboer

When Sipke raises his harpoon the styro-foam seals of Minnesota turn tail and swim hard in the other direction. Unquestionably the mighty hunter of camp, Sipke loves to share his passion for throwing the harpoon as well as his knowledge of the history and use of the Inuit hunting tools. Having a fully equipped hunting skin-on-frame qajaq, Sipke is uniquely equipped to both educate and entertain, oh and I should mention he is a talented yodeler too…